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ResTech save time and money with AudioQuest

Posted by Karin Cahill

23/10/18 16:29

ResTech Systems consists of a team of installers and consultants who specialise in designing smart home solutions that simplify and consolidate a home’s electronic environment, making the technological experience comfortable, entertaining, safe and secure.
When ResTech became aware of AudioQuest in 2013 through a mutual affiliation, their preconceived wariness of the premium cable company’s prices soon diminished. “At our first meeting,” ResTech’s Alec Schwandt recalls, “Jim Scatena [AudioQuest’s Director, National Accounts] brought some AQ samples and we could easily see the quality of the cables—even in their entry-level models.” The level of design and artistry of AudioQuest cables was made swiftly apparent, “Once we ran the numbers,” Schwandt continues, “we realized that AQ was very close in price [to the competitors], so choosing AudioQuest was a no-brainer. We eventually switched to AQ for our HDMI and Optical solutions.”

“As far as installs go,” he says, “our techs had liked to make as many cables as they could when wiring racks. The final result did look nice, but, when we dug a little deeper, the process turned out to be extremely inefficient.” Schwandt’s calculations on costing were based off 16 years of installation experience. What he found was, his techs were taking far longer than the budgeted two to three minutes to make a data cable and four to five minutes for an analog cable.

On top of this, there were other complications with their current system. The much-loved Mini59 was revered by his tech team but it was at the end of its tether and had major issues “We had to completely re-wire six different racks with AQ cables. This was the first straw that got us thinking we needed to make some changes.” After a few trials and errors, ResTech expressed interest in AQ’s Pearl RJ/E cables. The standard 0.75m length was too difficult to coil and seemed excessive for their requirements but it was a challenge Shaun Schuetz [AudioQuest’s VP, Sales] took on. A week later, AudioQuest’s new short-length RJ/E cables were ready to ship.

It didn’t take long before the team at ResTech put an end to laborious and time-consuming cable making across the board. “all of our racks have been wired with AQ prepared cables. We are saving hours of labour on every install and the change has all but eliminated any service issues due to cables. Looking back, we should have done this a long time ago, but old habits die hard.”

A full suite of high-performance AudioQuest analog and digital cables fill the various ins and outs of a Res-Tech custom rack. A ResTech custom rack, seen from the front, displaying high-performance gear from Anthem, Lexicon, Luxul, Parasound, and Savant—all wired by AudioQuest.

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