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AudioQuest launches five new cables across two Series

Posted by Karin Cahill

01/04/19 15:00

AudioQuest has launched their newest Series - Folk Heroes and Mythical Creatures, with all models featuring highly sophisticated noise-rejection and ZERO technology. Building from the strength of their Series counterparts, the William Tell, Robin Hood, Dragon, FireBird and ThunderBird cables are the strongest releases so far. 

AudioQuest's ZERO Technology eliminates the speaker cable’s characteristic impedance, reducing the damage a cable causes when the output isn’t as good as the input. Removing the characteristic impedance allows for greater dynamic transfer, improved audio transient response and bass slam that is rendered seemingly without effort. Both Folk Heroes and Mythical Creature have been developed using AudioQuest's exclusive ZERO technology.

Mythical Creature Series

The Mythical Creature series, Dragon Zero, FireBird Zero and ThunderBird Zero are designed with familiar AudioQuest technology and are created with a focus to reduce the mismatch between the amplifier’s source impedance and the speaker’s load impedance.

The cable design features multiple shields and a carbon-based linearised resistive network, reducing radio-frequency noise from satellites, cellular towers and Bluetooth. The frequency noise is drained away from sensitive amplifier circuits via a directionally controlled signal and shield conductors, removing interference with low-level signals.

AudioQuest Perfect-Surface metals used on the Mythical Creature range eliminates harshness and minimises distortion while greatly increasing clarity compared to other materials providing users with the ultimate audio experience. 

Dragon, FireBird and ThunderBird include companion bass cables, Dragon BASS, FireBird BASS and ThunderBird BASS enabling bi-wiring for bass and mid-range inputs.

Key features:

  • ZERO: no characteristic impedance for uncompressed current transfer
  • Dragon conductors: solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS)
  • Firebird conductors: solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) and solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)
  • Thunderbird conductors: solid perfect-surface copper (PSC+)
  • Carbon-based linearized Noise-Dissipation System (NDS)
  • Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) with radio frequency trap
  • Bi-wiring
  • Ground-Noise Dissipation (GND)
  • Mythical Creature cold-welded terminations

The Folk Heroes Series

The Folk Heroes Series is made up of two models – William Tell and Robin Hood and are available in Solid Perfect-Surface Copper or Solid Perfect-Surface Silver conductors. This series embodies the same technology as that of the Mythical Series models but have fewer conductors. Both William Tell and Robin Hood can be used for employing the ZERO model for full-range or by using the ZERO model with a dedicated BASS cable, as a fully optimised BiWire Combination cable. Both cables feature AudioQuest’s noise rejection technology.

William Tell and Robin Hood were developed in answer to one of the most troublesome problems afflicting speaker cable design; the incompatible relationship of the amplifier’s source impedance and the speaker’s load impedance. By using ZERO technology, AudioQuest was able to eliminate the speaker cable’s impedance allowing for the current compression and distortion of the signal/current to become significantly reduced.

Key features:

  • Zero: no characteristic impedance for uncompressed current transfer
  • Solid perfect-surface copper+ (psc+) conductors
  • Carbon-based linearized noise-dissipation system (nds)
  • Directionality
  • Dielectric-bias system with carbon-level radio-frequency trap (dbs)
  • William tell bi-wiring and Robin hood bi-wiring
  • ground-noise dissipation (William Tell only)
  • Folk hero cold-welded terminations


The Mythical Creatures and Folk Hero Series are available to installers as custom indent orders only.

To speak to someone from our friendly AudioQuest team, click here.


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