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Leon Speakers  Tonecase FIT for Sonos Playbar

Posted by Karin Cahill

14/12/18 10:12

Leon Speakers Tonecase FIT Mounting systems has been designed to allow a Sonos Playbar to be fitted discreetly and securely to a TV, leaving your room looking clean and uncluttered. Leon is a company with over 20 years’ experience in providing award winning sound and an unrivalled level of customisation. The Tonecase FIT Mounting system incorporates a custom-made grille on each TcFIT which is manufactured to match the width of the TV being used, fully integrating the Playbar with the display to create a design-friendly solution for Sonos.
  • TcFIT available in 2 sizes to accommodate displays up to 90” 
  • Solid Powder-coated steel frame construction with walnut end-caps 
  • Custom Grille to match display being used 
Sonos Playbar is widely used to deliver a wireless Soundbar solution, however the cosmetics of the Playbar may not match all your client's living areas. Leon’s TcFIT offers a solution to ensure the Sonos Playbar is integrated into a room with a design that complements and conceals the Playbar.

Leon’s ToneCase Mounting System attaches the Playbar directly to the TV with multiple points of articulation, enabling the sound to move in concert with the display. Each system is then outfitted with a customised grille that is built to match the exact width of any TV. This approach visually integrates the Playbar with the display, delivering on Leon’s promise of Picture Perfect Sound®.


  • Mounts the Sonos PLAYBAR directly to the TV or wall 
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate displays up to 90” diagonal
  • Includes a custom grille built to match the exact width of any TV 
  • Includes accommodations for logos, IR sensors, etc. 
  • Walnut end-caps open for easy access to controls 
  • Features multiple points of articulation for a perfectly flush install 
  • Handcrafted in the USA 


Topics: residential installations, Sonos Playbar, soundbar

  • TcFIT_with_Grille
    TcFIT with Grille
  • TcFIT_on_dark_wall
    TcFIT on dark wall with grille
  • Leon Speakers TcFIT no Grille
    Leon Speakers TcFIT no Grille

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