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Mackie thrills reviewers from across the globe with the newest additions to their range of Pro audio equipment

Posted by Karin Cahill

09/08/18 17:41

Mackie has recently been delighting reviewers and users alike around the globe with their new offering of products across a number of different categories, including portable PA systems, digital mixers and in-ear monitors.

Mackie Thump 15BST Portable PA

Mackie’s Thump 15BST wows online reviewers with its build quality, feature rich options and … sound! Find out why Mark Settle from DJ WORX believes this product “sounds amazing” and “isn’t your average PA Speaker!”

Read the full article here


MR 624 Studio Monitors

Long known for being the main nearfield monitor in professional studios worldwide, Mackie’s MR 624’s are an offering reviewed by Sean at The Wire Realm.

Showcasing “Super clear audio translation”, being “budget-friendly” and finished off with a “high-quality cabinet enclosure” the MR 624’s show they are a worthy member of the famous and world-renowned Mackie studio monitor series.

Read the full article here


MP In-Ear Monitors

Dave Lockwood from industry-wide respected publication Sound on Sound Magazine took the new Mackie IEM range for a test drive with great results.

Apart from Mackie’s long known reputation of solid and reliable build quality, Dave found the 3 MP series product (120, 220, 240) to all stand out for applications, 120’s for the more volume hungry bass player, drummer type rhythm section, vocalists and the like finding a home with the 220’s and 240’s for all users no matter their musical instrument, as they are the most capable of revealing fine details within a large sonic tapestry.

Set to take the industry by storm, the icing on the cake is that Mackie’s MP series of in-ear monitors are priced at quite affordable entry-level points for consumers, sure to make them a hit!

Read the full review here


Onyx Series Interface

Taking Mackie’s mastery of the audio console and studio monitor, the range of Onyx mixers shows off the brands' knowledge of what audio professionals want and need.

The Onyx interface’s boast functionality, Mackie build quality and the ability to be rock solid, time and time again.

Featured on the Musictech website, find out why they claim them to “Rise above the rest”

Read the full review here

Onyx_Producer 2 2_3qtr_Right


Mackie products have historically been built with simplicity and quality for money at the forefront of their designs. From set-up and live performance, all the way to pack-up, they’ve justified their place in the market as a leading manufacturer in PRO Audio technology. If you’re a performer or studio producer, Mackie has the gear you need to deliver premium quality sound, without the hassle or complications often inherent in competitor products.

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