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Neets Control - UniForm, the best new control system at ISE 2019

Posted by Karin Cahill

20/09/19 11:51

This little keypad has quickly become a favourite product by many, naming it the Best New Control System at ISE 2019 - its beautiful and modern design looks very photogenic and stylish, making it stand out from other control systems.

Stunning, minimalistic design can be mounted in a prominent location in meeting rooms. A user-friendly control interface that reduces IT support. Luxurious and exclusive feel at a competitive price. A hassle-free installation; no papers, stickers or extra buttons required.

The keypad has a USB port at the bottom and a digital label, meaning that it can be configured onsite (with Neets Project Designer) with the label uploaded immediately.

Integrators don’t need to:

• visit the site a second time
• carry a mini printer with them
• email the label in PDF form to the client, who has to print it for the integrator
• cut labels, use sticker or carry extra buttons

Apart from making technicians and installers lives easier, UniForm has an extra RS232 port compared to a similar keypad such as the EcHo Plus, is powered by PoE and and supports ClickShare/Kramer VIA integration.


UniForm is a compact and intelligent AV control system. It is remarkably simple to use, thanks to an intuitive user interface with eight buttons and a crisp E-ink display.

With UniForm anyone can start up a presentation without complicated procedures.

Simply press ONE button and you are ready to begin!
UniForm is a perfect choice for the classroom, meeting or conference room and is easy to install.

UniForm can control devices through RS232 and LAN.

neetscontroluniformfrontUser Interface (E-ink and buttons)

The front of the UniForm consists of an E-ink-display,
showing the functions related to the four bottuns on
each side of the display. The buttons are numbered as
shown to the right.

Each button has a tactile “click” feedback to ensure
proper activation. Also, each button has an embedded
multicolor LED light to indicate current status of the
AV system.

E-ink display, button functions and LED indication are
configured using the Neets Project Designer software.

✔ Simplicity
ONE highly compatible keypad controlling all equipment in the room

✔ User-friendly, tactile control
Less user support due to well-known button interaction and user-friendly interface saves you time

✔ Same uniform user-experience in all rooms
Makes controlling AV functions EASY and intuitive regardless of chosen room and equipment

✔ Designed for wall-mounting
Compact control system in Scandinavian design suitable for wall-mounting ensuring visible, EASY-to-find remote

✔ Designed for wall-mounting
Compact control system in Scandinavian design suitable for wall-mounting ensuring visible, EASY-to-find remote

✔ Highly flexible solution
High compatibility ensures flexibility in choice of future AV technology regardless of brand and technology

✔ 20 years of experience
Since 1999, Neets has developed reliable, user-friendly AV-control installed in more than 200.000 rooms worldwide

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