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Nuvo Player Portfolio App – now updated

Posted by Karin Cahill

12/07/18 14:24


  • New Version 2018.2
  • New features
  • Greater Control

Nuvo has recently announced an update to the Player Portfolio App, with changes and additions that have created an easier, better looking and higher function control to their Player Portfolio Products.


Nuvo Player Portfolio App – Control your way.

Changes and additions.

  • P500 Soundbar – RCA and Optical inputs can now be shared to grouped zones
  • Latency adjustment added
  • Support for static IP addresses now available
  • New music streaming service for DLNA / UPnP media servers that are located on the local network
  • Improved Wi-Fi configuration options
  • Ability to merge groups by dragging one group onto another
  • Ability to quickly group all zones into one group. This replaces the “Pause All” button when all zones are ungrouped

P500 – inputs can now be shared to grouped zones.

Why did we add this?

Example – Users who have a television connected to their P500 input can now share it or any other connected device to other zones. This is great for being able to share something like the big game that’s on the TV to other areas of the home.

How do I do it?

Simple! Just choose the input you would like to share and drag zones into the P500 group.

Latency adjustment

When is this needed?

If a user or installer notices a small delay between zones when sharing the input from a P500 to another area and the P500 itself, just make a small tweak to the latency control. This can also be done if there are small delays noticed in systems with a large number of wireless zones.

How do I do it?

Open the Nuvo App, select Settings, then General and Advanced.

Support for static IP addresses

Why does this matter?

Some of our installers prefer this choice for their configurations. They have asked for this in the past and we can now provide the support for this that they wanted.

What does a dealer or customer need to know about this?

Nothing, really. It’s just another quiet tool under the hood that allows us to better serve clients the way they want to be served.

New music streaming service for DLNA / UPnP media servers on the local network

When would this be used?

Some users could do this instead of a Windows share when they have a local library they would like pass on to a friend. Devices could include NAS drives, Windows machines, Mac OS machines with additional software, etc. For larger libraries, this new option provides a faster browsing and refreshing experience.

How is it set up and used?

That depends; There are a variety of potential router / computer / device specific needs. Choose the device with content that can support this. Then open the App, select Media Servers and choose content sorting from there.

Improved Wi-Fi configuration options

What has been changed or added?

  • A Player can now forget networks that have been joined without a reset required.
  • Support of a new Wi-Fi module is included. This module should start making it to the field in July or August in various devices.
  • GW100 support may require changes in the set-up of a new device in a system that features a GW100.
  • Devices will now auto-connect to any available network with stored credentials.
  • Users can now define a preferred wireless network.
  • Tether once and then share credentials to others. When setting up additional devices in a system, installers will now be able to go Wired Setup and that device will retrieve wireless settings from another device that has already been set up wirelessly on the network. It’s a nice time-saving feature.

As well as great features and control via the Nuvo Player App, the Player Portfolio offers two keypad options for control.

The P10 Keypad offers in-wall control of a single zone of your Player Portfolio system, so you can access your favourite sources, adjust volume, pause or skip tracks -- all from a conveniently fixed location. Available in White, Light Almond or Nickel finish. See more details here.

See how easy it is to install here: 




The P30 is a 7” Android PoE touchscreen. Easy to install and set up. While the Player Portfolio app offers aesthetic handheld control, providing an in-wall option allows fixed location control - especially convenient for muting or lowering volume quickly when there's a knock at the door, or allowing immediate access to preset source favourites without locating a phone or tablet.

See how easy it is to install here:



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