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Solvo by Neets - intelligent AV system hub for video-enabled huddle rooms

Posted by Karin Cahill

25/06/20 12:17

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink their business operations, IT infrastructure, and company policies. Remote collaboration, through necessity, is now becoming standard; many companies have realised that flexible working policies increase employees' motivation, productivity, and efficiency.

Companies are now looking to invest in the tools that support this "new normal": cloud services, UC platforms, and AV solutions that support video conferencing.

Solvo by Neets is an innovative and affordable way of upgrading huddle rooms and small meeting rooms and enabling flexible video conferencing capabilities. Solvo by Neets provides users with a seamless, hassle-free start with plug 'n' play functionality, guaranteeing that no IT support is required.

This intelligent AV system hub is used to create an AV system by connecting any combination of peripheral AV devices. Users simply connect their device with a single USB 3.0 connection and launch their preferred UC platform
to get started.

Solvo by Neets is an affordable product designed for a very specific application:

Huddle Spaces and Small meeting rooms with video conferencing requirements, and a low budget.

  1. Automated = No IT support
    With Solvo by Neets, getting started with remote meetings is as simple as plugging in a single USB-A cable, and launching their preferred UC platform. A product that requires little or no onboarding and will generate no "How do I turn it on??!!” emails to the IT team.
  2. Flexible connections = Tailor-made solution

Solvo by Neets has 3 x USB and 2 x AUX ports that you can use to create an AV system with precisely the feature set your customer needs. The system can be quickly and easily modified or upgraded to fit the customer’s needs as they change. HDMI-CEC provides automated on/off and the Ethernet port enables network access.

  1. Versatile = Attractive
    Solvo by Neets is easy to use, is compatible with any UC platform and can be used with any combination of AV devices. The solution can be tailored to match customers’ needs and budgets perfectly, without extra features that increase the costs unnecessarily.

✔️ Single USB 3.0 connection to users’ device
✔️ HDMI-CEC supporting 4K video
✔️ Ethernet port for wired internet and server access
✔️ 2 auxiliary I/O connections for audio devices
✔️ 3 USB connections for audio or video devices


Solvo by Neets, the Intelligent AV Hub, was first shown as a prototype at ISE 2020 to video-enable huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. Available soon in Australia and New Zealand.

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