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T-REX Fuel Tank Chameleon

Posted by Karin Cahill

01/11/19 09:05

T-REX-Fuel-Tank-Chameleon which packs all the power you need to make T-Rex pedals – and playing – sound spectacular. With 4 different voltage options, it will power just about any pedal invented.

FuelTank-Chameleon-2Chameleon is a powerhouse of versatility, but it doesn’t stop there. You get clean, quiet, isolated power outlets, an amazing 1.500 mA of total juice, and a big set of custom-made cables. And it’s incredibly easy to use.

Part of the Fuel Tank family.

The Fuel Tank Chameleon is only the latest addition to the T-Rex Fuel Tank family.

The original Fuel Tank Classic features 9V DC, 12V DC and 12V AC outlets in three isolated blocks of 500mA each and is ideal for medium-sized pedal boards.

It comes with lots of single patch cables and a multiple link cable. The Fuel Tank “Juicy Lucy” powers 5 12V pedals and also offers great extras, like multiple unit linking. The baby of the family – Fuel Tank Junior – is a good choice for a small number of 9V pedals. It offers both current doubling to 240 mA and voltage doubling to 18V.

FuelTank-Chameleon-6-1Select, plug and play
Chameleon gives you 6 separate outlets for plugging your
pedals into.

Here’s how they work:

  • Outlets 1–3 can all be used to power either 9V or 12V pedals. For each outlet, just use the VOLTAGE SELECTOR switches to choose the voltage you need, plug in your pedal and go!
  • Outlet 4 works the same way and gives you a similar choice – except that it’s between 9V and 18V.
  • Outlets 5 and 6 may only be used one at a time. If you use them both at the same time, you might get some noise. Like outlets 1–3, outlet 5 gives you a choice between 9V and 12V. Outlet 6 is a 12V AC outlet for pedals that require AC power.

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