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The new Mackie FreePlay Series has finally arrived!

Posted by Karin Cahill

06/09/18 14:47

One of the more exciting moves of the year for Mackie sees the FreePlay series of portable Bluetooth (Go, Home and Live) speakers make its way into the MI retail space.


Mackie has made this move in part to help MI retailers expand their offering to better service their existing customers looking to purchase portable Bluetooth products.

The Bluetooth/Personal Audio category in Australia is significantly larger than traditional markets serviced by retailers such as Guitar and Guitar Amplification and a product that research shows a large majority of MI retail customers are currently buying elsewhere.

The manufacture of Bluetooth speakers by traditional audio companies such as Mackie give the MI retailer a chance to secure that business that usually is spent elsewhere, while also bridging a gap for customers by providing them with personal audio solutions by professional brands they have a connection to such as Mackie.


The Freeplay series launches at retail with FreePlay Go ($359RRP), Freeplay HOME ($499) and FreePlay Live ($799 RRP). All 3 units come with a rechargeable 15 hour battery, powerfull audio reproduction that you would come to expect from Mackie and a wireless control app, Mackie Connect.

The FreePlay Live also comes with a high-Z input for performance, in built reverb and a wireless 3 channel mixer application for Android and iOs. Not only is it a portable audio system for days in or out for the whole family, it doubles as a small portable PA or practice amp.


In short, the Mackie FreePlay series of portable Bluetooth products offers consumers and retailers alike the ability to enjoy portable audio from a brand they know, with audio performance from a brand renowned for just that!



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