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A new level of audio to add atmosphere to transform your backyard

Posted by Karin Cahill

13/12/18 14:41

The Sonance Sonarray system is a complete landscape system with the flexibility of eight satellites and one subwoofer, up to sixteen satellites and two subwoofers. Coupled with the SR-2-125 amplifier this system creates crystal clear audio in an even blanket of sound and raises the bar on affordable outdoor audio.  

The Sonance Sonarray SR1 Outdoor speaker system will transform your outdoor areas with an even blanket of amazing sound. This flexible system can cover areas from 180 to 450 square metres. Sonance Sonarray SR1 system has been the choice for discreet high-quality sound in outdoor areas. It is now even more flexible with the ability to cover larger areas with up to sixteen satellites and two subwoofers off the 1 amplifier.

Unlike the traditional approach, where speakers hung from the house delivered uneven audio to a garden, and often carried over to the neighbouring properties, the Sonarray SR1 System with SR-2-125 Amplifer creates smooth, even and full sound throughout the outdoor area. This approach not only improves the sound quality where you want it, it can minimise sound into neighbouring areas.  

Advantages of this system:

  • Runs off a standard AV receiver or stereo amp in eight satellite plus subwoofer configuration
  • Easy to connect and install
  • Designed for the outdoors
  • Even coverage
  • Designed to hide in a garden, blends into the surroundings
  • Satellite speakers include ground stakes
  • In-ground Subwoofer easy to install
  • Neutral earth tone finish
  • Corrosion proof composites and triple sealed enclosures to withstand the elements
Purpose built Amplification
The Sonance SR-2-125 amplifier is the ideal partner for the Sonarray SR1 speaker pack. Available with a speaker pack or separately.

The SR 2-125 custom built DSP presets allow for amazing audio quality to be achieved with minimal effort. The amplifier includes DSP presets for hard or softscape, allowing for high performance in a variety of outdoor applications. The SR 2-125 includes analogue, digital coax, and toslink inputs enabling you to use multiple sources and streaming music devices.

The SR-2-125 can power up to sixteen Sonarray satellites and two SR1 subwoofers.

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