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Video-over-IP technology more relevant than ever before

Posted by Richard Neale

18/04/18 14:36

For many reasons Ethernet-based Video-over-IP systems are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential environments. They have flexible and highly-scalable system architecture which means inputs and outputs can be combined in almost any combination to suit the application. They also use low-cost Ethernet switches, replacing expensive, proprietary matrix switches.


Some other benefits include:

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Topics: Video over IP, PoE+, niveo, ethernet

St George hits the Jackpot with seamless Gefen Video Distribution

Posted by Karin Cahill

26/07/17 11:28

Gefen Full HD 1080p Video Distribution solution used to create an award-winning display solution for the Club's gaming rooms.

“Gefen offers ideal solutions for club gaming applications. These solutions make configuration and implementation easy. We look forward to expanding the system to include the entire club floor!” Matthew Joyce, WED Group.

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Topics: Gefen, Video over IP

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