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Come along to ENTECH to see the microphone everyone's talking about

Posted by Karin Cahill

05/02/19 14:14

ENTECH Roadshow will kick off on the 5th March and will travel to all major states in Australia, including Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. There’s no better time for integrators, designers and end-users to get up close and personal with the latest and greatest in audio, lighting, video and staging, including but not limited to DPA’s subminiature microphones. These impressively compact microphones are only 3mm in diameter and are already making waves across the globe. The d:screet CORE 6060 and 6061 Subminiature Microphones and the d:fine CORE 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphones all have the manufacturers CORE technology that reduces distortion and increases dynamic range.

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