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James Tyler's guitar construction

Posted by Reece Specis

19/11/22 12:15

James Tyler is with doubt a guitar-making icon, but he's also unique in balancing a deep interest in technology with a commitment to a time-honored craft tradition. He uses automated processes to keep the instruments feeling and sounding just right when it's in his favour. The consistency of his instruments are the pinnacle of impeccable craftsmanship and decades of innovation. Combined with a superb understanding of woods and you have one of the most enduring luthiers on the planet. Tyler guitars play brilliantly, with flawless character, a wonderful soulful neck, excellent clarity and a strong, resonant voice. 

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Onkyo and Integra firmware update enables ‘Works with Sonos®’

Posted by Karin Cahill

07/06/18 15:14

A recent firmware update allows both Onkyo and Integra users to seamlessly stream music using the SONOS Home Sound System with a selected range of products manufactured from 2016 onwards. Custom AV installers can now offer seamless integration with new or existing SONOS Home Sound Systems using Integra products. 

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Make Music Day 2018 - June 21

Posted by Leon Hart

25/05/18 12:29

In 1982, under the leadership of Maurice Fleuret, the French Ministry for Culture created Fête de la Musique - or Make Music Day – in and effort to revolutionise the way society celebrated music. A 1982 study showed around 50 per cent of children played a musical instrument and so Fleuret imagined a day where music would flood the streets, cafes, parks and bars for a single day of the year; France's Summer Solstice (21 June, 2018)

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