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HDAnywhere has just released a new range of high-performance great value 48G 8K certified HDMI Cables.

Posted by Karin Cahill

07/09/21 11:15

The new HDAnywhere SlimWire Max ( 48G ) Ultra high Speed cables offer the absolute best 8K HDMI cable for turbocharged gaming, graphics and TV. Step confidently into battle knowing your visuals are performing at peak level.

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HDAnywhere releases all-new XTND 4K Splitter

Posted by Karin Cahill

10/07/19 15:50

HDAnywhere have now released the XTND4K100TPC141 – capable of distributing 18G content up to five locations - four locations via Cat cable, providing PoE power to the receivers and one local HDMI out. 

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HDAnywhere announces release date for new MHUB Mini

Posted by Karin Cahill

07/05/19 09:42

HDAnywhere has announced the release of a new MHUB411U (MHUB Mini) matrix to suit smaller applications in in the third quarter of this year.

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HDAnywhere’s uControl App: the clever little IR remote app that comes with every MHUB

Posted by Stephen Small

07/03/19 11:43

uControl is a universal IR remote app that comes with all HDAnywhere MHUB 4K PRO systems. It offers simple-to-use AV system control in every room of the house with no preliminary programming whatsoever. With the HDAnywhere uControl app, it takes the hassle out of pairing and syncing devices by automatically finding the MHUB and syncing it on its own.

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Nifty Things .... an occasional series of interesting AV products

Posted by Richard Neale

23/01/19 16:40

Nifty Things 1: HDANYWHERE XTND2K30 extender set

Nifty Things: an occasional series looking at small, interesting AV products that create options, solve problems and generally make AV installers’ lives easier…

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Introducing HDAnywhere MHUB PRO Video and Audio Bundles

Posted by Karin Cahill

27/11/18 11:34

HDAnywhere whole-home centralised AV systems have a range of MHUB solutions to distribute video and audio around the home.

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Topics: HDANYWHERE, multiroom audio visual

HDANYWHERE appoints Amber Technology as exclusive distributor in Australia

Posted by Karin Cahill

10/08/18 08:53

HDANYWHERE®, a leading whole-home centralised AV systems provider, has announced its entry into the Australian market through an exclusive distribution partnership with Amber Technology.

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