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HDAnywhere releases all-new XTND 4K Splitter

Posted by Karin Cahill

10/07/19 15:50

HDAnywhere have now released the XTND4K100TPC141 – capable of distributing 18G content up to five locations - four locations via Cat cable, providing PoE power to the receivers and one local HDMI out. 

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Topics: 4K, HDANYWHERE, extenders, XTND, Splitters, AUS

Introducing Integra's 7.2-channel network A/V receiver, the DRX-2.3

Posted by Karin Cahill

02/04/19 11:39

Premium speaker brand Integra has just announced the launch of their all-new 7.2-channel network A/V receiver, the DRX-2.3. This state-of-the-art amp features all the bells and whistles; including Dolby Atmos Height Virtualisation and 4K HDR capabilities.

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Topics: 4K, Works with Sonos, AV Receiver, Dolby Atmos, Surround Sound

Introducing the world’s first 4K LED smart projector from Optoma

Posted by Karin Cahill

09/10/18 15:12

Just in time for Christmas, Optoma has announced the launch of UHL55 - the world’s first ever 4K LED smart projector for residential applications.

Packed with smart features like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it offers hands-free operation and IFTTT (unilateral) all on a single Android platform.

The UHL55 is the ultimate in 4K home projection, boasting PureMotion frame interpolation, precision optics and HDR.

Let the UHL55 plan all your festive celebrations with Infowall. This feature is personal, powerful and informative and completely customisable through programming and scheduling. Anything from setting personal reminders to creating multiple playlists, the UHL55 is super versatile and convenient.

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Topics: Optoma, 4K, laser projection, UHL55

Gefen launches three 4K ultra HD multi-format HDBaseT products

Posted by Karin Cahill

19/07/18 11:47

Commercial integrators can benefit from the two new Gefen® 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 2x1 HDBaseT™ Senders (EXT-UHDV-WP-HBTLS-TX and EXT-UHDV-HBTLS-TX) and a 4K Ultra HD HDBaseT™ Receiver (EXT-UHDA-HBTL-RX).

The multi-format senders and matching receiver facilitate high performance signal extension from 4K HDMI and VGA sources, two of the most popular video formats for presentation devices. This multi-format input capability, along with automatic source switching, is perfect for collaboration environments in universities and corporate environments.

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Topics: Gefen, 4K, receiver, sender

Optoma 4K Family - How do they fit together?

Posted by Karin Cahill

12/07/18 14:29

Models: UHD51, UHD65 and UHZ65

Continuing from the exciting success with the launch of the UHD65 in late 2017, it is joined by the UHZ65 and UHD51 this year, completing a range of 4K projectors that satisfies all levels of use, price and image quality.

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Topics: projectors, Optoma, 4K

Optoma disrupts 4K Home Cinema Market with all-new UHD51 and UHD50 Projectors

Posted by Karin Cahill

06/06/18 13:50

Optoma is an industry leader in video and audio manufacturing and recently released the all-new 4K projector portfolio and the UHD5x projector series, including advanced, premium 4K UHD home cinema projectors, UHD51 and UHD50.

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Topics: projectors, Optoma, 4K, UHD51, UHD50, AUS, NZ

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