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Yamaha YC-330 - Bringing confidence and ease to every call, presentation and conference.

Posted by Karin Cahill

14/02/20 15:13

YVC-330 - Featuring NEW SoundCap Technology! 

The YVC-330 USB and Bluetooth speakerphone solves the problem of finding vacant rooms for spontaneous meetings. The innovative SoundCap technology converts the audio of open workspaces into a clear and natural signal that is almost as good as being in a quiet meeting room. By focusing on participants around the table and eliminating background noise from noisy working environments it allows participants at the other end of the call to focus on the conversation. Don’t be fooled by this portable conference phone’s compact design: with Yamaha technology, great sound comes in small packages. 

Now, more than ever, we are trying to stay connected. This time, though, while keeping our distance. Being away from friends, family and the office does not mean sacrificing human contact, just tweaking it.

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