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Posted by Karin Cahill

13/05/20 14:57


At Amber we have really talented team members that have been making a great use of their time at home, creating awesome music using products from our portfolio of brands.

We are very pleased to share some amazing content created by David Nolan, one of the Brand Managers from the Professional Music Instruments division here at Amber, David looks after some very iconic brands heavily used in the music industry including Apogee, Radial Electronics, T-REX, CIOKS and more.

One of David latest projects while in ISO has been recording and producing new tracks. David or Riders Of Valhalla (his solo band name) latest creation is called "All is Gone" and is now live on Spotify, Google Play, Apple and Sound Cloud.

David has shared with us some details of the gear he has been using to produce and record his latest single that features a range of Amber brands and the new Clearmountain’s Domain Plugin suite from Apogee.

  • AVID Pro Tools Version: 2018.4.0
  • Apogee Element 46 Audio Interface
  • Apogee FX Bundle plugins
  • Apogee Clearmountain’s Domain plugins
  • Dynaudio DBM50 Monitors for mixing
  • DPA d:facto Microphone for vocals and guitar
  • Radial JDX48 for guitar
  • Radial Bassbone V2 Preamp for bass guitar
  • Warwick Corvette $$ bass guitar
  • T-Rex Shafter Wah pedal for guitar







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