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Need an audio solution that can be heard but not seen? We have the solution for you

Posted by Karin Cahill

22/02/19 14:33

Looking to stand out from the crowd? 

Why not offer an audio solution that can be heard but not seen?

Sonance’s award-winning Invisible Series speakers are used around the world in luxury spaces where the fit and finish of a space cannot be compromised with ugly boxes or grilles. If you can relate, then we have the solution for you.

  • The world’s best sounding invisible speakers
  • Best in class 170-degree dispersion 
  • The IS4C is purpose-built for commercial applications
  • UL Rated: 2043; 1480
  • Built-in enclosure to reduce sound transfer to adjacent spaces

Sonance offers what few have before; the ability to work with your architecture not against it. 

By removing dated looking grilles and wall mounted boxes from the space and replacing them with an invisible, unobtrusive speaker system, Sonance Invisible Series offers audiophile sound quality while retaining a clean high-end finish to the space.  

Sonance Invisible Series are: 

  • The benchmark for performance and installation flexibility for invisible speakers
  • Fully concealed within walls or ceilings for a totally invisible result
  • 70/100 Volt with 8 Ohm bypass
  • Fit with 6 different voltage tap settings
  • E.A.S.E. data available
  • 170-degree hemispherical dispersion to achieve wider coverage with fewer speakers
  • Able to be finished with up to 3mm of flexible material including finishing compound and paint, venetian plaster, wallpaper or wood veneer.
  • Complete with a built-in enclosure to reduce sound transfer to adjacent spaces.
  • Used in luxury retail boutiques including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, MiuMiu, Fendi, Barney's of New York and Tom Ford. 
  • UL Rated: 2043; 1480

Use these speakers for ceiling or wall mounting in commercial/professional installations in airports, hotels, boardrooms, cruise ships, casinos, convention centres, restaurants, offices, houses of worship, retail stores and more. 

The wide dispersion (170-degree conical) allows larger areas to be adequately covered by fewer speakers. An integrated, steel enclosure provides up to 20dB of noise reduction on the back of the speaker. The Invisible Series features a solid metal frame and easy installation. 

Watch the installation video below to see for yourself just how simple they are to install



To locate a Sonance dealer, click here.

Or, to speak to someone from our friendly Sonance team, click here.


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    IS4C Commercial

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    IS4/ISW Enclosure

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    IS2 Invisible

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    IS4 Invisible

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