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Choose Peterson Strobe Tuners' rack mounted tuners for absolute precision

Posted by Karin Cahill

29/04/19 11:23

Peterson’s VS-R StroboRack is widely considered among audio professionals as being the most preferred rack mounted digital tuner available to the market.


The tuner’s hardy chassis makes this little tool one that can be counted on, performance after performance, for years to come. Built with a robust body and flexible I/O configuration, this goes beyond your standard needle or LED tuner. This tuner also allows you to connect your favourite BNC light and latching type foot pedal so you can mute audio from anywhere in the room and achieve rear illumination in even the darkest of tuning environments.



The interface of the VS-R StroboRack is extremely customisable, giving you the ability to programme text to prepare onlookers for the performance. With the addition of Peterson’s expansion module (the SR-EX Pro Expander) to give you balanced/unbalanced stereo/mono-functionality, channel switching options and an active D.I. In addition to this, the tuners come equipped with a built-in electret condenser microphone on the front panel for acoustic instrument tuning.

The VS-R 
StroboRack rack mounted Strobe Tuner delivers unmatched accuracy. Peterson’s patented Virtual Strobe Technology doesn't allow for an in tune/out of tune decision to be made electronically. Your eye simply interprets the motion of the pattern as an indication of tuning error relative to the target pitch. Tunings and studio musicians/technicians with not find this level of unrivalled accuracy anywhere else.


Peterson Tuners: StroboRack Video Demo (Official) 



To locate an Peterson Strobe Tuners dealer click here. 

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