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Convert Your Content with Ease: The CON-H2-SCL & CON-H2-EDID

Posted by Karin Cahill

26/06/20 15:10

Easily scale your A/V signals with WyreStorm's converters. Containing an 18Gbps HDMI input, both the CON-H2-SCL & CON-H2-EDID can support all 4K UltraHD video content up to and including 4K 60Hz full color space & 4K 60Hz sub-sampling HDR 12-bit. These Converters are a Powerful. Reliable. Simple. solution for all of your A/V conversion needs.

Mix 4K & 2K Displays in Your Installation with the CON-H2-SCL

The CON-H2-SCL is perfect tool that allows you to mix UltraHD 4K and 1080p displays. No need to replace all of the displays in your installation - easily scale down 4K UltraHD content to 1080p. You can also output audio to a soundbar or an AVR. The CON-H2-SCL works well in environments where a matrix is used along with multi-resolution displays that share the same source.


A Multi-Purpose Tool: The CON-H2-EDID

The CON-H2-EDID makes it easier to sync your installation's source and display. It is perfect for installations that have screens that need to be raised/dropped remotely, and hosts a large library of EDID settings to assist with source, matrix, AVR, and display compatibility. Add the CON-H2-EDID to your installation for a foolproof sync between your display and source.



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