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Introducing DALI Menuet SE, a limited edition of the already high performance Menuet speaker.

Posted by Karin Cahill

19/05/20 13:13

DALI Menuet SE 

It features unique features over-and-above the classic Menuet speaker. Listed below are the upgrades:

dali-menuet-se-backgroundUnique Appearance

The DALI MENUET SE comes in a new eye-catching finish, Wild Walnut veneer. Made from a variety of natural wood. Every pair is carefully matched and will be unique in appearance. No two pairs will look the same.


Premium Crossover

The crossover has been substantially upgraded with carefully selected premium grade Mundorf™ capacitors - a result of vigorous listening tests. The upgraded board material is chosen due to its extra high electrical insulation, which minimises electrical interference.

Minimum Distortion

The 4.5 inch DALI MENUET SE woofer uses a 'voice coil former' made out of fiberglass. This reduces mechanical loss in the voice coil and minimises distortion.

High-End Terminals

The sturdy gold-plated terminals originates from the high-end EPICON series. Refined over the years, they ensure that the DALI MENUET SE always has the best possible connection regardless of speaker cable choice.

To locate a DALI dealer click here.

To speak to someone from our friendly DALI team, click here.


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