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Boost a home theatre with Grandview range of fixed frame screens

Posted by Karin Cahill

19/05/20 13:35

With people spending more time at home, COVID-19 has allowed people to contemplate their entertainment spaces at home. The Grandview range of fixed frame screens offers a variety of options to suit different installation project requirements. 

Grandview Fixed Frame Screens

Grandview’s Fixed-Frame Series is an excellent choice for a dedicated home theatre experience.

Flocked Frame screens

  • Featuring a multi-point tensioning system that ensures the surface is evenly tensioned for a perfectly flat projecting surface.
  • The frame is finished in black velvet to provide an absorbent contrast for the image
  • Available from 95” and over
  • Model names begin with GR-GRFF followed by the screen size number. The characters at the end of the model indicate whether it is 16:9 (H), 16:10 (C ) or 2.35:1 (CS)
  • We can also provide Acoustically Transparent woven screens for high quality audio installations. Available  models include “-AT” at the end of the model number

EDGE Series

  • As projection technology has advanced, the ability to project into a precise space has become more common. Wider frame screens don't have to be used to absorb offset projections. Grandview's Edge Series Fixed-Frame screens offer another beautifully designed option to its collection.
  • The frame measures 12mm – 29mm width (depending on the model), designed to maximise the viewing experience with minimal installation space

Ambient Light Rejection Screens

  • Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) is a type of projection screen that can be used in rooms with some form of ambient lighting while providing a sharp, accurate and vibrant picture from a projector
  • The most common screen surfaces reflect the incoming light uniformly in all directions.The light is reflected back in many angles, rather than just at one angle
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