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Integra and Onkyo introduce two new major features in firmware update

Posted by Karin Cahill

23/10/18 16:56

Both Integra and Onkyo have added an update to their firmware late last week, introducing two major features Amazon Music and Works with Sonos turn-on volume facility.


The ‘Works with Sonos’ feature will be welcome news for those combining Sonos with Integra models in their installations, as it gives them a separate ‘turn-on’ volume for the specific input chosen for the Sonos connect for both Main and Zone 2 areas. This means that the standard ‘turn-on’ volume can be maintained for other inputs without affecting Sonos, overcoming the issue of not having enough volume set on the Integra to make the Sonos app work to a satisfactory level.

Integra Works with Sonos update works for:



DRX-5.2 (releasing soon)




DRX-7 (2017 model)

DRX-R1 (2017 model)

DRC-R1 (2017 model)

Integra - Works with Sonos

This firmware update allows Amazon Music to be directly streamed to the Integra model via Amazon’s app. See the information sheet below for more information.

Relevant Integra Models (more models to come)


DRC-R1 (2017 model)

Integra - Amazon Music



The Amazon music feature allows the models listed in the information sheet below to add Amazon Music Streaming, however, it must be accompanied with an Amazon Music account for it to be compatible. 

Relevant Onkyo models (more models to come)





TX-RZ720 (2017 model)

Onkyo - Amazon Music

The Sonos turn-on volume function is for the input where the Sonos Connect is plugged into. It allows you to set the turn-on volume for the Sonos input at a high enough level to allow the app to control the volume properly. The model reach of this feature is limited to only the 2018 released models, whereas the Amazon music update has a wider model reach. Please refer to the info sheet for more information.

The Works with Sonos update also applies to Onyko models:








Onkyo - Works with Sonos

 Existing users of Integra and Onkyo may have to do several updates if they haven’t done so in a while, as there have been a number of security updates and other features added in previous months. This can be done via the internet whilst using a wired connection. See download link below for more information.

onkyo integra combined logo for blog

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