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Introducing Plethora X5 TonePrint Pedalboard

Posted by Karin Cahill

12/03/20 10:59

So what exactly can Plethora X5 do?

Glad you asked!

  • Create a up to 127 BOARDS 
  • Populate them with any of the TC TonePrint PEDALS 
  • Load each pedal with any TONEPRINT from our library or create your own 

All the well-known TC effects like Flashback Delay and Hall of Fame Reverb are onboard as well as our pitch effects, modulation, compression and much more!

Boards - Pedals - TonePrints

Plethora X5 comes with a whole bunch of tasty pre-made boards ready to go. No fuss.  

If you already know what you need, you can take it one step further and choose which pedals go where on your board.

Or get your hands dirty with our proprietary TonePrint technology and customize each pedal in-depth for a totally unique setup!

BYOD (Bring your own drive)

There's nothing worse than having to use a dirt pedal that doesn't speak to you - it's like wearing a pair shoes that don't fit!

Plethora’s FX insert loop lets you integrate your favorite vintage fuzz boxes or magical green overdrives into the signal chain to keep things comfy.

Express yourself!

With 5 of our expressive MASH footswitches onboard, there's ample room for getting expressive with your effects.

MASH lets you control up to 3 effect parameters at a time by how much pressure you put on the switch.

But if that's not enough, Plethora X5 also features an EXP input to let you hook up your favorite expression pedal.

To locate a TC Electronic dealer click here. 

To speak to someone from our friendly TC Electronic team, click here.



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