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SurgeX enVision EV-23010 IC, a power analysis tool

Posted by Richard Neale

19/09/19 15:59

The SurgeX enVision EV-23010 IC is a comprehensive mains power analysis tool that can help to diagnose the cause of system resets, reboots or lockups caused by power spikes, surges and other disturbances. 

The enVision EV-23010 IC can provide valuable information both before and after AV system installation and commissioning. It is equally valuable in commercial and residential environments. 

Several weeks before installing an AV system on an unknown site, the enVision EV-23010 IC can be plugged into the mains outlet that will be powering the AV system. The enVision will:

  • record snapshot data for up to 138 days – showing average, maximum and minimum recorded mains voltage at regular intervals (power consumption is also shown if the enVision is connected in line with other equipment) 
  • log up to 512 time-stamped events (surges, blackouts, brownouts, excessive voltages). 

Analysis of the recorded data (snapshots and events) will indicate whether the power supply is generally clean and reliable. If surges are detected, then it would obviously be good practice to allow for installation of a SurgeX Surge Eliminator in the planned system. In fact, a Surge Eliminator is always a good idea even if the mains power is generally clean: summer storms can introduce damaging surges unexpectedly! 

The enVision EV-23010 IC’s features can also be of great assistance in diagnosing system glitches that seem to defy explanation. Time stamped event data can quickly be correlated with system problems to determine whether dirty power is the root cause. If power problems are present, then a SurgeX Surge Eliminator can help to deliver clean power to AV systems, restoring end user confidence and minimising call-backs. 

The SurgeX enVision EV-23010 IC is designed and manufactured in USA. 

Contact your Amber Technology Account Manager for more information about the SurgeX enVision EV-23010 IC. This is a product that really does have a place in every installer’s van!


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