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iPad (7th Gen) is here - New iPad means new products from iPort

Posted by Stephen Small

16/10/19 09:33

Apple have released a new 10.2” iPad Gen 7, which means there are new products from iPort, as the new iPad 10.2” Gen 7 (replacing the 9.7” Gen 6) is a larger size.


Which iPort products work with the new 10.2” Gen 7 iPad? 

The new Gen 7 10.2” ipad is the same physical width and height as the 10.5” ipads but is 7.5mm deep versus the 10.5” iPads 6.1mm deep. 

Surface Mount 10.5” products will work with the Gen 7 10.2” now. 

Surface Mount's Aluminum bezel is made of high-grade alloy and finished to the highest standards. Choose from 3 finishes: Black, White or Silver. The result is bezel as refined as the iPad itself.

Surface Mount's electronics system can receive power from a PoE Switch or 24V DC power supply. And for instances in which power from a wall receptacle is required, just use the Power Injector.

Surface Mount was designed from the bottom up to be the easiest iPad mount to install, ever. Use any Wall box, whether EU, UK or US, single gang or double gang. Simply hang Surface Mount over the box, in any orientation.

Install iPad in a snap.

Installing iPad into the Surface Mount bezel is a 'snap', literally. Just place the iPad into the bezel and snap in the tabs. While installed, you can still control the iPad power button by using the power button extension port on the side of the bezel. You can use iPad's speaker and microphone while installed in the bezel.

A tiny device with a lot of possibilities.

The iPort PoE Splitter is a tiny device that can fit into any wall box, worldwide. Connect Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable to the Splitter to receive power from a PoE (803.2af) power source like a PoE Network Switch, or connect low voltage wire to our 2-pin port from any 24V DC power source. Connect the iPad lightning cable to the USB port to provide up to 12W of power to iPad. You can use the splitter as a cable manager to wrap up excess iPad cable, making it easier to place the splitter in a wall box.

As there is no Launchport 10.5” Sleeve, iPort have started developing anew sleeve to suit this size. Unfortunately, this will take a couple of months to develop and become availableLaunchport sleeves to suit Gen 7 10.2” are currently noted as being available in February 2020. 

Luxeport 10.5” Cases require a slight rework to accommodate the additional thickness of the Gen 7 iPad – these will be available from December 2019.

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