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iPort products are compatible with new iPad Mini 5 and 10.5-inch iPad Air

Posted by Stephen Small

07/05/19 09:45

Apple has recently released a new iPad Mini 5 and a new iPad Air 10.5”. The question is will these works in our current range of iPort products? 

The short answer is yes. 

The details below: 

The New iPad Mini 5 

The new iPad Mini 5 is physically the same size as the Mini 4, however, Apple has moved the location of the microphone on the Mini 5.  

This means the new Mini 5 will mechanically fit into all existing iPort products that suit the Mini 4. 

However, microphones will be blocked for: 

  • AM2 Launchport Sleeves 
  • Luxeport Cases to suit iPad Mini 4 
  • Surface Mount to suit Mini 4 

So this is only an issue if you are using the microphone. 

The New 10.5” iPad Air 

The new iPad 10.5” Air is physically the same size as the iPad Pro 10.5”. Microphones, controls and cameras have not been moved. This means any iPort product designed to work with the iPad Pro 10.5” will work with the new iPad 10.5” Air. 

  • Luxeport Cases to suit Pro 10.5” 
  • Surface Mount to suit Pro 10.5” 

iPort is currently working on new tooling for iPort products that suit iPad Mini to allow for the new microphone location on Mini 5. These will be released later this year. 

To locate an iPort dealer click here. 

To speak to someone from our friendly iPort team, click here.


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