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ISE 2019 visitors will get their first chance to see DPA’s exceptional Subminiature Microphones

Posted by Karin Cahill

04/02/19 10:58

With ISE just around the corner, DPA has announced their focus on their all-new and impressive subminiature microphone, that’s already making waves across the industry globally. The microphone manufacturer is set to introduce their smallest ever 3mm piece of machinery to the AV, Conference and Installation markets; the d:screet CORE 6060 and 6061 Subminiature Microphones and the d:fine CORE 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphones.

In answer to the industry-wide need for inconspicuous and unobtrusive microphones, the subminiature mics can be fitted to the talent’s clothes under the guise of a near-invisible lavalier or as a comfortable headpiece that fitted to the head. These devices are so simple to use, they can be mounted or attached by most inexperienced presenters or actors themselves. With the quality of sound and in hardware DPA has become known for across the entertainment industry, talent and those working behind the scenes can be rest-assured the delivered audio is clean, crisp and clearly heard.

Although these tiny devices are 60% smaller than DPA’s 4000 series predecessor, there is absolutely no compromise on sound quality, all possessing CORE by DPA’s microphone amp technology, that reduces distortion and increases dynamic range.

“Giving the market the most advanced technology and the best sound possible has always been DPA’s philosophy and compared to our existing 4000 series miniature microphones, the 6000 series represents a significant step forward,” says DPA’s CEO Kalle Hvidt Nielsen. “Developing these products has been a massive undertaking – we are working at the very limit of what is physically possible - and we are proud to serve the market with such great tools.”

DPA’s new 6000 series microphones will be on display ISE BOOTH 7-X250, where they will be exhibiting alongside it’s Benelux distributor Amptec. Delegates will also catch a glimpse of the 4000 series lavalier and headset microphones that were also designed using the CORE by DPA amplifier technology to create ‘the highest of highs’ and ‘lowest of lows.”

DPA’s ISE offering doesn’t stop at the 6000 series. Those from the Installation and Conference markets will be excited to see products from the d:sign group, including the 4098 and 4018. These mics combine sleep design with audio quality that transcends that of the industry standard. Its structure makes it the perfect installation companies functional yet inviting meeting or conference space. The 4000 group is where you’ll find unobtrusive tabletop, ceiling and floor stand microphones that ensure superior sound – even in spaces with acoustic challenges – and extraordinarily high speech intelligibility and clarity of voice in any conference or meeting environment.

Those who attend the DPA booth with have the rare opportunity to demo these products first hand, in one place, via listening stations. Product featured include the 4060 CORE and 6060 lavaliers, CORE 4288 and 6066 headsets, the hand-held d:facto 4018VL, the floor standing d:sign 4018 and the table top 4098 and BLM 4060.

For more information please visit DPA at ISE Booth 7-X250 or visit the company’s website www.dpamicrophones.com

Find out more about DPA's plans for ISE, visit here.

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