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Make Music Day 2019 is just around the corner

Posted by Karin Cahill

18/03/19 17:16

It’s that time year again! Make Music Day is just around the corner and with 800 participating cities in last years’ festival, we’re expecting big numbers for 2019.

Make Music Day was created in 1982 by France’s Ministry of Culture with a vision to make all kinds of music present through the streets, cafes, rooftops and gardens of France’s cities. 37 years later and that vision has blossomed. The Fete De La Musique (French for Festival of Music) is now a national holiday and music is celebrated in 120 countries worldwide on the festival's date, June 21.

In 2018, the Australian Music Association founded Australia’s first nationwide Make Music Day celebration. The country recognised 100 events in 80 different locations on the festival's date. Iconic locations like the Sydney Opera House, AMEB and The New South Wales library were among those venues with participating registered music events.

Amber Technology are proud supporters of Make Music Day. We supply a range of live music equipment for all kinds of musicians, sound professionals, events, performances, and sound production:

Cordial Cable
DPA Microphones
Dynaudio Professional
Jetcity Amplification
Radial Engineering
Solid State Logic (SSL)
Tannoy Studio
TC Electronic
TC Helicon
Van Damme Cable

The essence of the festival is inclusivity. Make Music Day is open to anyone who wishes to take part, whether you play the trumpet, can strum a guitar or love to sing. Register your own event with the organisation or join an existing event from one of the many organisations running their own.

Here is how you can participate:

  • Create your own Make Music event wherever you live
  • Create your own Make Music event at your school.
  • If you’re a community music club or theatre group you can use your position to promote a big event near you.
  • Speak to a local council member about allocating some public park, plaza or shopping centre for you to play.
  • Join an existing community event and add to the numbers.
  • If you are in a position of power, such as a government representative, looking to organise a large-scale Make Music celebration in your city, email Rob Walker (AMA) at walker@australianmusic.asn.au

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