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New In-wall Transmitter with the works from Wyrestorm

Posted by Karin Cahill

22/05/20 11:33

WyreStorm utilizes powerful HDBaseT transmission technology to bring you a new In-wall Transmitter. With 2 HDMI & USB-C inputs and CEC power triggering, they are perfect for corporate meetings and classroom environments when a simple user experience matters the most.

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Coming soon - 3-Input In-wall HDBaseT Transmitter (2 HDMI, USB-C) with USB host & CEC trigger. 2-gang UK back-box (4K: 100m/328ft)


3 inputs and powerful HDBaseT transmission result is this powerful switching transmitter, perfect for corporate meeting and classroom environments. Automatic or manual switching of 2 HDMI’s or USB-C and CEC power triggering via HDBaseT mean a simple user experience when it matters most. Further functionality allows USB devices to be routed back to the source via USB host (or natively via USB-C) and charging for the connected USB-C device.

3-Input switching transmitter

Setting a new standard for in-wall HDBaseT transmission, the SW-130-TX-UK brings features of the WyreStorm range of professional switchers and packs them into a 2-gang form factor. Automatic or manual switching of the 3 connected sources (2 HDMI and USB-C) is possible with the USB-C supporting alt-mode functionality allowing a portable device such as a tablet or phone to be connected and send its content at up to 4K/30. HDCP 2.2 is also supported for the transmission of encrypted content. 

USB 2.0 Pass-through

HDBaseT2.0 affords the addition of USB 2.0 pass-through, offering not only KVM functionality for extension of a keyboard/mouse or touchscreen but also full data transfer capabilities. The SW-130-TX has a USB host port allowing USB device data to be routed into the selected laptop (via HDMI). Going further, it can send USB device data natively through the USB-C port allowing a single cable to be used for A/V and USB device connectivity.

Features turned up to 11

It’s not all about the A/V when it comes to HDBaseT; with increased functionality on all fronts, the SW-130-TX can be used to send power triggers to a compatible connected screen, allowing centralized control and is PoH compatible meaning it can be passively powered over HDBaseT from a compatible receiver. The SW-130-TX can even power & charge a phone or tablet connected to the USB-C port so you don’t run out of juice mid-flow (max. 5v 2A)

HDCP 2.2 Compatible

The industry's latest encryption standard designed to stop the illegal copying & distribution of 4K UHD content; no longer unique to residential solutions WyreStorm presentation switchers are fully compliant with HDCP 2.2, enabling you to de-centralize source devices within an installation.

Get the Full Package!

To make sure you get the best out of your AV installation, we recommend that you purchase the RX-700. The RX-700 is specifically built for use with the SW-130-TX-UK, so your safe in the knowledge there is no compromise on your AV experience.


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