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Optoma 4K Family - How do they fit together?

Posted by Karin Cahill

12/07/18 14:29

Models: UHD51, UHD65 and UHZ65

Continuing from the exciting success with the launch of the UHD65 in late 2017, it is joined by the UHZ65 and UHD51 this year, completing a range of 4K projectors that satisfies all levels of use, price and image quality.

Optoma adopts Texas Instruments’ DLP 4K UHD chip and XPR technology in the UHD Series with both models delivering accurate, razor sharp, high-quality images. Capitalising on the fast switching speed of the DLP chip and advanced image processing, over 8 million pixels are displayed on the screen.  

All UHD51, UHD65 and the UHZ65 provides accurate, true to life colour reproduction with 100% Rec.709 colour gamut coverage. It is perfect for recreating the big screen experience at home.

All three models boast High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, HDCP2.2 support and the sophisticated PureMotion frame-interpolation processing, which eliminates motion blurring or any image judder.

Building on the already amazing UHD65, Optoma replaces the lamp with laser phosphor light source with an IP5X proof rating in the new UHZ65. In many situations, the perceived brightness from this laser illumination projector can be twice that of an equivalent lamp-based model. It delivers increased efficiency to maintain consistent brightness, colour performance and reduces the cost of maintenance significantly compare to the lamp-based models.

In the UHD51, Optoma uses a smaller DLP chip with XPR technology. It produces an equally stunning picture quality at a lower price point. Providing a great alternative for the more budget conscious users.

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