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Sonance adds two new low-profile models for the highly acclaimed Professional Series

Posted by Karin Cahill

07/08/18 09:17

The highly acclaimed Sonance Professional Series includes two new Low-Profile models

    • Most shallow low-profile models in class
    • Consistent voicing across the professional series models and formats
    • Best in class sonic performance
    • Engineered for reliability

Offering a solution for installations with restrictions in ceiling depth or in-ceiling obstructions:

  • The PS-C43RTLP is a 4” 2-way speaker in a 6.5” baffle and only 85mm deep. 
  • The PS-C63RTLP is a 6.5” 2-way speaker in an 8” baffle and only 111mm deep. 

These two models come as an addition to the Sonance Professional range, providing solutions with 70V, 100V 8 Ohm selectable In-Ceiling, Pendant and Surface Mount speakers. They deliver unrivalled fidelity, very low distortion, wide dispersion and exceptional dependability.

As a whole, the Sonance Professional Series offers a diverse range of speaker footprints and form factors which share consistent voicing, ensuring seamless sonic integration when working in unison in the same environment.

All models in the Series were created based on a design philosophy, built with full fidelity transformers and high excursion polypropylene woofers, delivering effortless low bass, even at high volumes. They have pivoting chambered 1” soft dome tweeters that can be directed to ensure accurate coverage when speaker positioning is compromised.

Information on the range is also available here.

In-Ceiling speakers
These speakers feature one-piece bezel-less grille that’s secured magnetically and allows for a one-step painting process to simplify installation and minimise visual distraction.

The square grille adaptor is optional, and it allows these speakers to mirror the look of square downlights and HVAC grilles to accomplish fluid sight lines.

In-Ceiling models include Tile support rails.

Sealed metal enclosures, integrated cable and conduit clamping, seismic attachment and connector cover allow them to be installed in commercial environments where UL 1480 and UL 2043 are required by code.

Available in 4”, 6.5”, 8” 2way and 8” woofer plus the new low-profile models which fit into 6.5” cut-out and 8” cut-out.



Pendant speakers
Opt for a minimalistic design similar to that of pendant lighting to blend inconspicuously into the setting.

The innovatively integrated top cover conceals the hardware and wiring connectors, making it suitable for installations where speakers may be viewed from above. The pendant speakers come with two 15’ stainless steel suspension cables with snap hook and two Gripple® hangers to guarantee a safe and secure installation.

The front-mounted tap selector makes it easier to adjust the speaker once installed.

UL 1480 and UL 2239 certified.

Pendant speakers are available in 4”,6.5”, 8” 2way and 8” woofer designs.



Surface Mount Speakers 
Sonance’s Surface Mount Speakers feature Sonance’s Fast-Mount® bracket and front cable connection to make the installation process more efficient and provide a sleek appearance. The weatherproof, high-impact, extreme temperature resistant construction and powder coated aluminium grille mean they can be used in either indoor or outdoor applications. The front-mounted cable connector and tap selector makes connection and adjustment a breeze, while the clip-in cover shields them from the elements.

Surface Mount speakers are available in 4”,6.5”, 8” 2way and 8” woofer designs.


To locate a Sonance dealer click here.

To speak to someone from our friendly Sonance team, click here.

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