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Take control of the power environment with the new Surgex Axess Elite - 240V

Posted by Karin Cahill

29/08/19 15:41

SurgeX Axess Elite is a complete management tool designed for power systems, providing a remote insight and control of the electrical power consumed by an underlying device. SurgeX Axess Elite enables the switching of devices in various power modes, each with different power usage characteristics related to device performance. It gives technicians the ability to easily manage their installs remotely and limit service calls.

This powerful management tool is also packed with features which make this system extremely user-friendly for technicians, including recycling power, scheduling automatic triggers to AutoPing devices, monitoring individual outlets and power settings, aiming to eliminate the time and costs usually associated with sending a technician on-site.


  • IP enabled two-way communication
  • Displays real-time power and energy usage
  • Collects rack temperature, voltage, and current draw measurements
  • Displays a log file for advanced monitoring
  • Non-sacrificial components
  • Advanced Series Mode® surge elimination technology
  • Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI Filter
  • COUVS® catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown
  • SurgeX ICE® inrush current elimination
  • Magnetic shielding steel enclosure
  • 9’ grounded 3-wire cord

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