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The TENG Ensemble transform live sound with DPA Microphones

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01/08/17 13:56

The clarity and fidelity of DPA microphones helped The TENG Ensemble to deliver a stunning live performance at the iconic Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

Established in 2004, The TENG Ensemble is a collective of music educators, scholars and award-winning instrumentalists who create and develop projects in Chinese instrumental music. The TENG Ensemble performances fuse traditional and contemporary influences to create a sound that is current, visionary and guided by Asian aesthetics.

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Entitled Where the River Always Flows, this debut outdoor performance transformed the Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s East Garden Square an extravaganza filled with the nostalgic sounds of Singapore’s heritage music.

For the Fullerton Square performance, the TENG Ensemble were joined by accordionist Syafiqah ‘Adha and 2016 Noise Singapore alumni, Mars.

DPA d:vote Instrument Microphones were used to amplify a combination of western and Chinese instruments played during the performance. These included a cello, a Sheng and a Guzheng. Audio engineer Steve Zhang also specified a DPA d:facto Vocal Microphone for the Ensemble’s renowned countertenor Phua Ee Kia.

Zhang says: “Phua Ee Kia has a uniquely expressive and dynamic voice, therefore the d:facto Vocal Microphone’s high SPL handling and wide dynamic range ensured that his performance was not constrained by technical limitations, even in the slightest."

“For the instruments, the impressive clarity of the d:vote Instrument Microphone was a major advantage – as was its flexibility. This minuscule gooseneck mic can be mounted conveniently on top of clips that come in various shapes and sizes. Even for an instrument as unconventional as the Sheng, the d:vote 4099 manages to provide a solution that allows fluid on-stage movement of the musician, so that he is able to fully express his artistry.”


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