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Nifty Things .... an occasional series of interesting AV products

Posted by Richard Neale

23/01/19 16:40

Nifty Things 1: HDANYWHERE XTND2K30 extender set

Nifty Things: an occasional series looking at small, interesting AV products that create options, solve problems and generally make AV installers’ lives easier…

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Topics: home entertainment, residential installations, Multi-room streaming, HDANYWHERE, home installation, multiroom audio visual, nifty things

Create captivating 3D movie sound and seamless multi-room audio using Onkyo’s latest AV receiver

Posted by Karin Cahill

02/04/18 10:19

Authentic big screen sound can be recreated at home with the latest 7.2-channel AV receiver (TX-NR686) from Onkyo.

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Topics: Home cinema, home entertainment, multi-room audio, Multi-room streaming, Onkyo, consumer electronics

No wires needed for multi-room streaming

Posted by Karin Cahill

09/02/17 09:00

The world leader in wireless control solutions – One For All – has released its latest innovation.

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Topics: One For All, HDMI, Multi-room streaming

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