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Mackie announces the SRM Flex, a Portable Column PA System

Posted by Karin Cahill

01/10/19 13:57

The Mackie SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System features a compact, lightweight form factor, the signature SRM Series sound quality, and intuitive Mackie mixer design for maximum flexibility. With 1300W of power, a custom six-driver wide-dispersion array, and 10-inch subwoofer, SRM-Flex has plenty of headroom to ensure crystal-clear, room-filling audio.

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Topics: portable, flexibility, easy to use, compact, lightweight, room-filling audio, full control of levels

Assistive listening technology explained

Posted by Karin Cahill

25/05/18 10:28

What are the latest technology developments for assistive listening?

Over the last five to ten years, hearing loop driver technology has improved to include class D digital amplifiers, which provide ultra-efficient power consumption, and advanced DSP circuitry, offering improved automatic gain control and high frequency compensation. This improvement in technology now provides the user with life like speech and first-class music reproduction. Advanced features like this can be found in Contacta’s V7 and V12a loop drivers.

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Topics: over counter, assistive listening, drivers, portable, loop

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