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Trumpeter Ramon Figueras uses DPA d:vote™ Instrument Mic in music videos

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18/04/17 15:50

Classical musician Ramon Figueras used a DPA d:vote™ 4099T Instrument Microphone for Trumpet to record audio for an unusual video project that highlights the variety and diversity of his life as a professional trumpeter.

Ramon Figueras with DPA dvote.jpg

Entitled My Day, the video features multiple screens showing Figueras playing many different styles of music, from classical to Balkan, folk, jazz and Latin - and with a bit of improvisation thrown in for good measure. Figueras changes his clothes to suit the style of music being played and to give the viewer a feel of how varied a normal day in his life can be.

“I have always studied classical music but since I was 15, I have been ‘sharing’ my trumpet with many styles and bands,” he explains. “My life has been - and is - divided in different music styles and profiles. All of them have the trumpet in common and myself as a performer, so I wanted to make a video that showed something of this divided feeling and how I live the life that I love.”

Figueras invested in his own d:vote™ 4099T Instrument Microphone for Trumpet after being introduced to it by Daniel Lazar, the violin player with The Kuraybers, a world music band from Oslo in which Figueras plays trumpet.

“Daniel told me how happy he was with its sound and as he is a great musician - and someone whose opinion I respect - I had to try it,” he explains, “I used it during a soundcheck and was very impressed. It really was a ‘wow’ sensation. I had played with many clip microphones in the past but the d:vote™ 4099T was easily the best, so I bought one for myself.”

A key advantage of the d:vote™ 4099T is the ease with which Figueras can attach it to his trumpet using the dedicated trumpet clip.

“The clip is very easy to use and very gentle on the instrument,” he says. “I also really like the microphone’s clear sound, transparency and versatility. I have used it to record guitar, trumpet, voice, drum set, piccolo trumpet and trumpet with different mutes, and I have always obtained a satisfying result. Even after many tours, gigs and trips, it still works as well as it did the first day I got it, and during that time the sound engineers I have worked with have always been very happy with my choice of microphone.”

“Capturing diversity is what My Day is all about. I began the project by first composing the whole tune and then recording it using my d:vote™ 4099T. The music has many tracks and layers so I recorded it trumpet by trumpet and then mixed it.”

Ramon Figueras with DPA dvote 2.jpg

Follow the link to watch the My Day clip:



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