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Amber Technology teams up with strobe tuner and metronome manufacturer Peterson

Posted by Leon Hart

18/03/19 17:01

Amber Technology is pleased to announce we have been appointed by Peterson Electro-Musical Products (Peterson) as exclusive distributors for their products in Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in 1948, Peterson is renowned for its top-line music strobe tuning and metronome equipment used by touring and studio musicians. These portable tuning tools are favoured choice for audio professionals around the world. 

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Peter Amos, Managing Director of Amber Technology says, “Amber Technology is delighted to welcome Peterson Electro-Musical Products to our MI portfolio of brands. Peterson Strobe Tuners and Metronomes are renowned for their unique and highly accurate range of tuning products. They will be a great fit into our family of brands that includes basses and guitars, pedals, amps and audio interface equipment.”

Whether you're an astute musical instrument builder, a recording artist or audio engineer, there is something for everyone in Peterson's flexible and diverse range of strobe tuners and metronomes. 



Due to decades of research, Peterson's strobe tuners feature their innovative Sweetener presets which were designed for specific instruments and used all over the world. These presets were designed to assist in tuning a multitude of string and wind instruments. 



The range in Australia and New Zealand includes:

  • PE-STROBO-CLIP – Stroboclip HD Clip on Strobe Tuner - gives music professionals the capability to perform an accurate tune with built-in metronome, at a fraction of the cost and on one handy little device (available now)
  • PE-STROBO-PLUS – Stroboplus Tuner with Upgradeable Metronome (available now)
  • PE-STROBO-PH – Stroboplus Pitch Holder with Swivel (coming soon)
  • PE-STROBO-STOMP – Strobostomp HD Pedal Tuner (coming soon)
  • PE-STROBO-RACK – Stroborack Rack Mount Strobe Tuner (coming soon)
  • PE-RACK-EX – Rack Expander to Add DI & Balance In (coming soon)
  • PE-TP-3 – TP-3 Clip On Pick Up for Any Tuner & Instrument (available now)
  • PE-PITCH-GRABBER – Pitchgrabber Mobile Active Pick-Up (available now)
  • PE-ICABLE – iCable, Adaptor Cable for Iphone & Ipod Touch (available now) 
  • PE-BODY-BEAT – Bodybeat Metronome with Sync and Pulse (available now)
  • PE-BODY-BEAT-PUL – Bodybeat Pulse Solo Tactile Metronome Accessory (available now)

Amber Technology is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Peterson Tuners and Metronomes across Australia and New Zealand. 

To locate a Peterson dealer in Australia click here. 

To speak to someone from our friendly Peterson team in Australia, click here.

To contact our NZ sales team, click here.




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