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JTS offer cost-effective and reliable conference systems

Posted by Karin Cahill

27/03/19 12:05

Cost-efficient conference systems are in more demand now than ever before. As market-leaders in conference systems, JTS offers a wide range of solutions for a multitude of applications, from university lecture halls, local council chambers, corporate meeting rooms and conference centres at an economical price point. They provide the necessary sound reinforcement, microphone control and recording features that the market demands through their end-to-end conference solution the CS-1.

The JTS CS-1 Conference Discussion System is a standalone unit consisting of a control unit, chairman unit and up to 150* delegate units. It has an optional USB recorder on the control unit. flush mount chairman/delegates units are also available with the range.

This turnkey solution offers four operation modes.

  1. Open mode – Anyone can talk
  2. Time mode – 30 seconds
  3. Override mode - Only one Delegate user at a time
  4. Chairman mode - Only chairman can speak

Products in the CS-1 include:


The new JTS CS-1CUR Control and Power Supply unit has a built-in USB recorder and one 32GB memory stick that can record for over 150 hours

CS-1DU and CS-1CH

CS-1DU Delegate unit gives delegates the power to take part in discussion with a microphone with inbuilt on/off button.

CS-1CH Chairman unit provides the same functionality as the delegate unit and also supports the addition of a “Priority button” that gives the chairman the ability to control the discussion by muting, overriding or deactivating all active microphones.


CS-1DUF is a flush mount version of the above CS-2DU

CS-1CHF is a flush mount version of the CS-1CH


CS-1 expansion kit, together with the D7PDM-1 extension cables can multiply the number of usable units of the i-conference discussion system from 50 to 150.

*requires additional control units.


For more details and pricing and for all products in the CS-1 range, click here.

For more details on this model and other conference systems in the range please download the JTS conference and discussion system PDF by clicking here


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  • 1DUF
    Flushmount - chairman and delegate unit
  • Delegate unit
    Delegate unit
  • chairman
    Chairman unit
  • CS-1 control unit
    Control unit

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